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May 22

Flax Seed and Fibroid Tumors

A month ago I had to stop taking my morning serving of fresh ground flax seed. I was in some pretty bad pain in my lower abdomen, I had to think what was I doing different to cause this. The only thing that I was doing was grinding flax seed every morning and adding it to diluted orange juice. I loved how it made me feel and how it worked on my body until the pain.

First thing I did was make a Dr’s appointment, did an internet search, then stopped the flax. The Dr’s appointment is next week, I have been pain free for over a week now. This is one of the articles that started me thinking I better stop the flax seed.
Here is a quote from the Mayo Clinic web site.

One study reports that the menstrual period may be altered in women who take flaxseed powder by mouth daily. Due to the possible estrogen-like effects of flaxseed ( not flaxseed oil), it should be used cautiously in women with hormone sensitive conditions such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, uterine fibroids, or cancer of the breast, uterus, or ovary.

I intend to start using flax oil as soon as I order some. Right now I am taking wheat germ oil I bought from Mountain Rose Herbs
I really like the wheat germ oil but really don’t see or feel any benefit. It is loaded with what I need, vitamin a, e and d. I add 2 teaspoons to my breakfast every morning. The taste is OK.

I started drinking 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with Stevia and water to see if I could do something about the fibroids. It seems to have worked, but of course I won’t know for sure until after the Dr’s visit next week. I plan on drinking the mixture for as long as I can take it. Here is an interesting article about it.

With the onset of the pain I got off course on my weight loss. I didn’t loose any weight the past month. This week, I am thrilled to say I have lost 2 pounds and I am feeling like myself again. I really, really need to get back to using the Cron O Meter everyday. It is the best thing to keep me on track. What a great tool.

I wanted to be under 150 for this Dr’s appointment. I don’t dare cancel, Oh well!

3 Responses to “Flax Seed and Fibroid Tumors”

  1. 1
    Laur Says:

    Thank you very much for these informative links!

  2. 2
    flax seed Says:

    This sounds interesting. I’ve heard about flax seed’s ability to inhibit excessive estrogen production in post-menopausal women which thus prevents breast cancers. Probably it works in reverse with women in their prime.

    The grains are purported to help ease menstrual pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Strange though how the intake of flax seed powder can trigger pain while flax seed oil would not. From what I know of, flax seed powder contains traces of the husk while flax seed oil does not.

  3. 3
    marjie Says:

    Hi Flax Seed,
    I am back grinding my Flax Seeds again. I love the benefits.

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